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How it Started

My name is Carlos, and about twenty years ago I started building websites using only HTML (on an app called “Hot Dog” believe it or not), and this little hobby became my obsession.

I started building all sorts of sites online and have become a student of design. I eventually went to college and, believe it or not, it didn’t help much. More on that on another email. Let’s just say that once I got my first client I wanted to do nothing but go above and beyond.

The Struggle was REAL!

Between ages 16 and 24 I did a lot in my life. I graduated High School early, joined the Army, travelled the world, but my joy was always in helping others.

At age 24, after my time in the Army, I went to college and got my Bachelor of Arts degree hoping that I would be equipped with the means to help other businesses succeed in theirs. Little did I know that NO ONE WAS HIRING. Crazy, right? So what’s a recent graduate to do?

I got my Master of Science degree and started teaching. Although I loved helping these kids get their own degrees, my passion was still to help other businesses. So after a few years of teaching and trial-and-errors in the life of freelancers… I created an agency.

Wild West Business Solutions
When You're Ready for that Converts

Having your own agency has it’s own struggles! When I was a freelancer, people wanted to work with an agency. When I started an agency, people wanted to work with a freelancer. Talk about a catch-22! I stuck to my guns and rolled with it. With the help of my team members and my wife, I now have a platform that can help others reach their own goals. That’s what this site is all about. I’m not looking for clients, I’m looking for partnerships!

Our Solutions

Website Design

We don’t just build you a site, we build you a site that converts!

Social Media

Utilize Social Media to create the ultimate fan base of followers!


We use online ads with best practices to reach new buyers!


Reach more people organically by moving up in search engines!


Let us help you level-up your business with a marketing consult.

So thanks for reading this far! It’s a testament to your patience! I’ll continue adding a few things here and there. In the meantime, if you’re up to a chat about how I or one of my team members can help you reach your goals, whether that be to get more requests for proposals, convert leads to clients, increase your Social Media presence, we can help! Click on the button below and fill out the form and I or someone from my team will get back to you soon to set up a time.

Thanks! Have an awesome day!

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