About Me

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My name is Carlos, and about twenty years ago I started building websites using only HTML (on an app called “Hot Dog” believe it or not), and this little hobby became my obsession. I started building all sorts of sites … Read More

How to Secure Your Website

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Website Maintenance

Updated October 29, 2017 Secure Your Website Maintaining and securing a website is not a daunting thing. It just takes time to do it and a learning curve to learn something new. The way we manage websites at Wild West … Read More

Restaurants and the New Word-of-Mouth

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Word-of-Mouth You know the saying, “Word-of-Mouth is the best Marketing”? This is still true today. Would you pass along someone’s information if you didn’t believe in it? Probably not. Whenever you can get someone to promote your restaurant via word-of-mouth, … Read More

Working From Home – An Insiders Perspective

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Working from Home? Really? Working from home is probably considered by a great many people a fad. At least in my circle of friends and family. When I’m asked, “where do you work?” I always respond with “I work from … Read More

The Employee

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The Employee

We live in what is quickly becoming a “gig economy”. This means that a great many people live gig-to-gig making a living. Whether that be driving on Uber or Lyft, delivering groceries on Amazon Prime Now or Google Express, or … Read More

The Social Sweet Spot

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Social Networks

Social Media has grown exponentially in the last decade. It went from a place to waste time at to a legitimate way to spread word-of-mouth for your business. You may have even received an offer or two to receive Social … Read More

The Personal Trainer & Personal Brand

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The Personal Trainer

Young Ronald has ambitions of becoming a World Class Personal Trainer. He eats, drinks, and sleeps helping others reach their own goal of fitness. You see, it all started when one of his friends asked to join him at the … Read More

A New Beginning!

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Introducing Wild West Business Services. We are a firm that focuses on the small business in any stage. Let me explain: When a business first starts out, money may be an issue. We offer a report that explains what we do … Read More