Imagine a World Where Your Only Focus is Your Business and NOT Your WordPress Website...
It's Time For You To Get The VIP Treatment!
It's Time to- Well- Get YOUR
Time (and sanity) Back!
We Go BEYOND Website Care!
We not only do everything that needs to be done to have a smooth running website... we also give you unlimited small edits so you can just let us handle it.
Daily Backups
Weekly Updates
Critical Updates
Malware Checks
Blacklist Checks
Uptime Monitoring
Website Security
Website Edits
VIP Support
Monthly Reports
Web Firewall

Did You Think We Were Done?
Ha! No- we aren't even close! We take it a few steps further!
We Keep Track Of Your SEO's Keywords
Do you want to know where your keywords stand against your competitors? Give us up to 50 keywords, short tail, long tail, and everything in between! Not sure what that is? That's okay, we can help you with that as well. :D We'll provide you with stats in your monthly report! The keywords are updated weekly to give you a broad overview of where you rank!
We Keep Track Of Your e-Store!
Every month we send you data from your online store! How many items were purchased, how much money you made that month, top sales, top categories... all relevant information all in one place!
Get it for $697 per month!

Here's How it Works...
Sign up for our monthly or yearly plan (The yearly plan gets a HUGE perk!). Once you complete your purchase you'll be taken to a page with instructions on how to start. After that, we immediately backup your website and start updating it. After 7 days, we'll contact you to set up the rest!

Get It NOW For $697!
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
It’s nice to know that I have this major part of my marketing all set and that is something that I do not have to worry about with all the other balls I’ve got up in the air.
Roslyn Drotar-Cassidy
Digital Social Strategist
It could be your website he saves from hackers… along with thousands of dollars, hours of labor and a damaged reputation.

Christina Rader
Re:Think Marketing
Let's Get A Bit Technical
Here's what you're getting...
  • ​Daily backups to make sure you can revert to one should your site is compromised
  • ​Unlimited Small (under 10 minutes) Website Edits per Week
  • ​A whole lot of checks to make sure your site is running smoothly and without malware
  • ​All the updates- including WordPress, plugins, and themes.
  • ​SSL (https), CDN (your site on over 100 servers), standard DDoS protection (prevents the attack before it gets to your server), mobile optimization (makes your site go faster)
  • ​Up to 50 SEO keywords checked, analytics, and monthly reports
  • ​Oh, and just in case you forgot, we also give you statistics of your WooCommerce Store!
If You Get These Separately It Would Cost You Well Over $1,000 per Month AND 5-10 hours per week of YOUR time
Get It All For $697 per month!

Do You See Why This is Called Wild West VIP?

Is There a Guarantee?
Yep! If you're not satisfied with the service in the first seven days, just send us an email and we will cancel your account. Your card will not be billed if you cancel before day 7.

There's No Risk to You!
What’s next?
Click the button below! Start the process! See what you've been missing, fall in love with your business again because we handle all the tedious website work!
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
Can I cancel at anytime?
Yes, you are not bound a contract. Simply email us and we will process your cancellation. Once you cancel, your service continue until the end of the month.

What happens if I cancel before day 7?
If you cancel on or before day 7, you will not be billed. We will remove ourselves as administrator of your account and any services (such as image optimization) associated with it.

How does the SEO Keywords work?
Give us up to 50 keywords and every month you'll receive a report on how they rank with other websites. This is not an SEO service, just reporting.

How does WooCommerce reporting work?
Every month, you will receive a report stating how many purchases were made.

Do you offer management for other services outside of website care?
Yes! We offer our Wild West Gold and Wild West Platinum Solutions!
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